• Japanese katsudon

    Japanese katsudon

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Use up leftovers and provide a hearty meal with this tasty pork katsudon. Using our tonkatsu recipe, it's great to make the day after a Japanese feast

  • Chuka-fu shredded cabbage

    Chuka-fu shredded cabbage

    Make this shredded cabbage as a typical Japanese side dish. It offers a freshness to cut through the richness of tonkatsu or other fried Japanese dishes

  • Goma-ae Japanese greens

    Goma-ae Japanese greens

    Serve this flavour-packed side dish alongside a Japanese feast. Spinach and green beans are tossed in a dressing of soy, miso, mirin and sesame seeds

  • Japanese rice/gohan

    Japanese rice/gohan

    No Japanese meal is complete without gohan – fluffy, slightly sticky rice. Top this versatile food with pickles, spring onions, nori or katsuobushi flakes

  • Tonkatsu pork

    Tonkatsu pork

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Rustle up a Japanese feast and try this succulent pork loin, coated, fried and drizzled with our easiest ever Tonkatsu sauce. Save leftovers to make katsudon

  • Yakitori chicken

    Yakitori chicken

    Enjoy this deliciously sticky chicken made with a sauce of soy, mirin, sake and sugar as part of an easy Japanese banquet. Serve on bamboo skewers

  • Custard tarts

    Custard tarts

    Try making our delicate custard tarts for an irresistible dessert. They take just 10 minutes to prep and are delicious with a grating of nutmeg

  • Cake pops

    Cake pops

    These fun cake pops are easy to make and great for parties. Kids and adults will love these colourful chocolate-covered bites

  • Spring green fried rice & eggs

    Spring green fried rice & eggs

    Get all your ingredients ready before you start making this rice, eggs and spring greens dish – once you start cooking it can be on the table in 10 mins

  • Greenest coconut prawn noodles

    Greenest coconut prawn noodles

    Blend spinach, rocket and watercress with coconut milk, king prawns and noodles to make this speedy midweek meal. Whip it up in just 20 minutes