• Baking recipes
    Baking recipes

    All our favourite bakes in one place.

  • Biscuit

    There's nothing like a homemade biscuit with a cup of tea.

  • Bread

    Fill the house with the aroma of fresh-baked bread.

  • Brownie Recipes
    Brownie Recipes

    Plain or embellished, moist and chocolatey recipes.

  • Cake sale
    Cake sale

    Tempting treats to get the charity donations rolling in.

  • Caramel

    However you like your sweet, sticky sugar sauce, we're bound to have a recipe for you.

  • Celebration cake
    Celebration cake

    Show-stopping cakes for occasions.

  • Cheesecake

    With a creamy top and buttery biscuit base, who can resist this classic dessert?

  • Chocolate baking
    Chocolate baking

    Biscuits, brownies, fondants and pies

  • Chocolate cake
    Chocolate cake

    Irresistibly chocolatey treats.

  • Cookies recipes
    Cookies recipes

    Sweet treats perfect for rainy afternoons.

  • Cupcake

    Go cupcake crazy with our favourite recipes.

  • Easy baking
    Easy baking

    Simple cakes, cupcakes, traybakes and biscuits.

  • Fruitcake

    These rich, dense bakes packed with dried fruit aren't just for Christmas...

  • Fruity cake
    Fruity cake

    Cakes bursting with fruity flavours.

  • Garden glut cake
    Garden glut cake

    Courgette, beetroot, carrot and more.

  • Halloween cake
    Halloween cake

    Scary recipes for October 31st.

  • Low-fat cake
    Low-fat cake

    Scrumptious but not so naughty.

  • Muffin

    Healthy, indulgent and savoury muffin recipes.

  • Polenta cake
    Polenta cake

  • Retro cake
    Retro cake

    Freshly baked traditional treats.

  • Summer cake
    Summer cake

  • Wedding cake
    Wedding cake

    Create a stunning wedding cake or beautiful cupcakes for that special day.

  • Frozen desserts
    Frozen desserts