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Points to remember

  • First, cut the fat from the bones while leaving the layer of fat across the eye of the meat. Make a notch at either end around 4cm down from the tip of the bones. Then join the two with one cut, moving down against the bone.
  • Working in a sweeping movement against the bone, trim the fat to expose the bones.
  • Clean the bones by cutting off the thin piece of meat from between the bones, then use the knife against the bone to scrape off the meat and excess fat from each bone.
  • Remove the layer of skin from the eye of the meat – it should come away easily, just ease it with the knife to expose the fat underneath then cut it off at the end. Now it’s ready to roast as a joint.
  • To make chops, cut away the paddywhack tendon, then chop in between the bones. For extra trim chops, remove the top layer of fat as before. To make lollipops, cut a chop thickly, then squash down the eye of the meat with your palm.