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  • Start by removing the claws from the lobster by twisting them at the point where they meet the body. Remove the rest of the legs in the same way.
  • Separate the head from the tail by twisting the two sections in opposite directions.
  • To prepare the claws, snap them into their separate sections but keep the large part of the claw and both pincers whole. Pull back the smallest pincer until it snaps off then pull it back. Don’t forget to save any pieces of meat, which are attached. To extract the rest of the claw meat, give shell a sharp, gentle tap with a heavy item like a rolling pin. You just want to crack it, not smash it. Do this on both sides then peel the shell away.
  • Use a lobster pick or skewer to pick out the last pieces of meat from the shell.
  • To take the meat out of the legs, use a rolling pin to firmly push it out.
  • To prepare the tail, either split it in half or, using a pair of kitchen scissors, snip down the length of the shell on either side of the legs on the underside of the lobster. Peel away the shell then remove the digestive tract by cutting the tail in half lengthways and using a skewer or lobster pick to lift the vein out.