Rupal Bhatikar

Founder of

28-year old Rupal Bhatikar is the blogger whose posts you can’t help but like on Instagram when you come across them, as the Indian national from Goa documents every meal she eats. The founder of cookery blog, Foodienfabulous has lived in the UAE for almost five years, currently residing in Abu Dhabi. Rupal’s day job is as a Brand Manager and she can be found reading, snapping pictures of dishes at restaurants, and planning her travels, in her spare time.

About the blog was launched in 2013 to document foodie finds from around the globe, as well as successful experiments in the kitchen. I also feature traditional Goan recipes on the blog, and share my dining experiences in the UAE. The blog captures the essence of my love for all things related to food – the joy that comes from one bite of scrumptiousness, either making it or finding it!

My inspiration stems from:

Markets! Nothing is more inspiring than a trip to the local market, to pick fresh, seasonal ingredients, and plan your week’s menu around it! Our Friday morning starts with a trip to local markets either in Deira or Karama when in Dubai, and Mina Port in Abu Dhabi.

A chef I’d like to dine with Anthony Bourdain! I’d love to hear about his wild travel escapades and would cook him a traditional Goan meal of rice with fish curry, prawn pickle and a side of greens. We’d end the meal with caramel custard.

Culinary icons

Definitely my mother, because she taught me that love really is the secret ingredient to good food! If you love cooking, you are bound to make something that will leave an impression on people’s tastebuds.

Fondest food memory

I’ve been cooking with my mum ever since I was five. I used tostir dishes, add ingredients and share anecdotes along the way.

My favourite dessert

Sweet sticky rice and Thai mango – a bite of this tropical treat takes me back to dining by the beach in Thailand.

On a menu, my eyes always gravitate towards oysters, clams and lobster, as the way a restaurant executes it, sets it apart from other restaurants.


When cooking Indian food, a teaspoon of raw sugar perfectly balances all the spices and brings together all the flavours. When buying fish, check that the eyes are clear and the body or flesh is firm, to ensure they are fresh.