Mitzie Mee

Founder of

Travel and cooking are two of Sanne Moller or Mitzie Mee’s (her online alter ego) fondest passions in life. The 33-year old South Korean-born founder of travel and food blog Mitzie Mee grew up in the Danish countryside – she was adopted by Danish parents – and always had a strong wanderlust. She fulfilled this by working as a tourist rep in Greece and Spain, a stewardess, and then a pilot for an airline in Denmark for two years. Sanne gave up the sky high life for sunny Dubai in 2012, and currently works on her website when she isn’t busy with medicine studies, reading and listening to Jay-Z.

About the blog

I began blogging in 2009 to document all my travel experiences – I had only one follower back then, my mom! But I revamped it and included a recipe section in 2012. is like an online diary, and the name is my alias – my friends cat’s name was Mitzie and Mee sounded Asian – as I wanted to keep my personal and virtual life apart. Food is such an integral part of the overall travel experience, so I write about my travels and food so that readers can follow my trips closely. I enjoy cooking a lot, especially Thai food for its simplicity and tastiness. Readers can also find a selection of traditional Danish dishes on the blog – I’m working my way through my grandma’s recipes.

In ten minutes, I can cook

A tangy and spicy Thai beef salad.

Food luxury

Good salt! I prefer the Danish brand Læsø Salt, which is made from salty groundwater on a small Danish island. In Dubai I usually buy crystal flakes sea salt from the Swedish brand Falksalt.

My pantry is stocked with

Danish salted butter, salt flakes, cane sugar, organic eggs and yellow onions.


My late maternal grandma. She was passionate about food and refused to compromise on ingredients – she always used the best. Her food was amazing and she only cooked with full fat cream and butter. Her old hand-written recipes are a great source of inspiration, especially when I’m cooking traditional Danish food.

Over the years I’ve learnt…

Sharing food on the table is a great, social way of eating! When I took up an internship in Korea I hated the lunches as people would not let me have my food for myself, and dug into my soup, noodles and fish without hesitation. Today I have learnt to appreciate sharing plates of food, as you get the chance to try lots of different dishes within one meal.

Weekday cooking

My husband and I love eating Thai soup and salads as they are a great reminder of our trips to Thailand, and super healthy and easy to make as well.

I often crave…

Skerpikjøtt from the Faroe Islands. Skerpikjøtt is fermented, air-dried lamb meat. It smells horrible, but it tastes great. My husband is from the Faroe Islands, and when we are visiting his family, they always have a lamb leg or two prepared just for me.