Irini Savva

Founder of

36-year old Irini Savva is a wife, mother of a nine-month old baby, and founder of the food blog The South African-Cypriot blogger moved to Dubai from Cyprus, over three years ago, and is constantly cooking and writing, when her hands aren’t full with the baby. Irini enjoys practicing yoga, and when she has time to spare, she loves experimenting and creating recipes – which she hopes to publish in a book someday.

About the blog is a way of expressing my interest and passion for food and everything I love. The blog was launched in 2011, and includes customised recipes, as well as snippets of expat life here in Dubai, and ways in which I adapt every day, healthy recipes to suit the local climate and environment.

Food luxury:

I can’t live without Ecuadorian raw organic chocolate.

What I know about food today…

My mother used to cook Greek Cypriot dishes such as Flaounes (Cheese pastries made for Easter) and homemade halloumi cheese, from scratch. I never thought about the time and preparation that went into one dish, as a child, but now that I am older and cook myself, I’m much more appreciative.

My ultimate healthy sweet treat

My French chocolate-beetroot cake, and summer peach cake.

A foodie personality I would love to dine with…

Nigel Slater – he would have lots of interesting stories to tell. I would cook my signature dish, a Greek-style slow roasted lamb, as I believe it’s always important to represent who you are, and where you come from, in your food.

My favourite movie food scene

In The Lady and the Tramp, when they share a plate of spaghetti and meatballs and accidentally get the same piece of spaghetti. I saw the movies in the 80s – it’s a classic!

Favourite restaurant

I love the food, and sharing concept at Le Petit Maison, and would definitely go back just for the

potato gratin.


With a young baby on my hands, I usually have whatever he’s having, like fresh fruit or yoghurt.

A meal I’d prepare in ten minutes!

I would most likely make my Cauliflower and kale salad, fried calamari rings, or a blueberry smoothie – nutritious and great as a snack on-the-go.