Debbie Rogers

Founder of

Debbie Rogers, a British expat living in Tecom, Dubai, for the last five years is a popular name in the blogosphere and has gained fame through her blog, Coffee Cakes and Running. The 46-year old loves food and anything associated with it, whether it’s dining out, entertaining at home or shopping for groceries. Apart from food, Debbie is also a fitness enthusiast (as her blog suggests), an adventurer – she climbed Mount Kilimanjaro last year – and loves travelling.

About the blog began in 2011, after I had two major surgeries and was housebound for four months. It began as a project, but I soon found myself writing about subjects I was passionate about, such as food, exercise and my weight-loss journey. Over time, I started including baking, cooking and travel adventure sections as well. To be honest,

I didn’t think anyone was reading my blog and was thrilled to find out later that people do! Those looking for heartfelt stories on weight loss, dishes from various cuisines and restaurant reviews will enjoy reading and finding out about my journey and experiences in Dubai.

Five pantry staples

Potatoes, onions, eggs, coffee and milk.

Snack attack

I could eat deli cold cuts of meat and salmon anytime of the day.

Piece of advice

Bulk cooking and leftovers are the new fast food! If you cook in bulk and freeze meals ahead, or give leftovers a twist the next day, it not only helps you save time, but allows you to be a frugal cook and cut down on food wastage too.

Favourite cuisine

Indian – for its variety.

On my wish list

A foodie hamper or a Thermomix.

Foodie inspiration

I spend a lot of time flicking through cookbooks in Kinokuniya, Dubai Mall. I also tear pages from food magazines and have the Food Network channel running in the background at all times.

Food for thought

I’m currently learning and researching about the Slow Food Moment through Slow Food Nation: Why Our Food Should be Good, Clean and Far by Carlo Petrini (Rizzoli Ex Libris). The book basically advises readers on how to live a healthy life in a fast paced world. Much of the food section in the book takes me back to memories of childhood family events, with the celebration of food and communal dinners playing a big role in our family life. Back then we bought fresh fruit and vegetables from the shops and meat from the butchers. All meals were prepared from scratch which took time, effort and love.