Do a detox spa – cation!

Give your body a much needed detox by heading to one of these luxurious destination spas.

Chiva-Som, Hua Hin, Thailand

Why go there:Scenic views of the blue ocean, lush tropical greenery, swaying palm trees, and a seriously luxurious ambience make this place a great choice if you prefer a tailor-made health makeover, without compromising on the mod-cons. With a variety of different treatments and retreats available, there’s something for everyone at this award-winning spa resort.

But, for the ultimate detoxification regime, you need look no further than Chiva-Som’s Art of Detox retreat, which combines dietary changes and colon hydrotherapy to thoroughly cleanse your body from the inside, with daily herbal and nutritional supplements. Along with Chiva-Som’s award winning spa cuisine meals, you will feel energised and nourished. In addition, steam, jacuzzi and sauna facilities help you flush out toxins from the system, while professional trainers teach you breathing techniques including pranayama, and stretching, to optimise the detoxification. It’s not all hard work however, as there’s also pampering spa treatments to help take the edge off! The best part? You get to take a piece of Chiva Som home with you from the Art of Detox cooking class – a key element of the programme, where you learn to cook healthy dishes to remain on track for the year ahead.

Dial D for detox: A minimum stay of five nights is required, from THB120,000 (around Dhs14,385) for the package. Visit or call +6632536536 for more.

The Sha Wellness Clinic, Spain

Why go there: Fusing centuries-old Oriental methods and modern Western medicine techniques, this wellness clinic located in Valencia focuses on nutritional and natural therapies. The contemporary, minimalist space, nestled on a mountainside overlooking the Mediterranean sea, will make you feel like you are treating yourself to a well-deserved vacation in a luxury resort. The Sha method used in the clinic helps enhance the quality of life – physically and mentally – by slowing down the ageing process, with the help of a macrobiotic diet and natural therapies, while educating you on the nutrition and exercise regime required to help you reach your goals. Lectures, yoga sessions, macrobiotic cooking and laughter therapies are just some of the therapies offered.

The detox programme is specifically meant for those who are stressed, or lead a toxin-filled, unhealthy lifestyle, consume excessive coffee and alcohol, or have poor dietary habits, with all stays beginning with a medical consultation, to tailor the programmes specifically to your needs.

Aiming to provide vitality through nutrition – think, an organic, macrobiotic diet made up of Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine – and activities such as yoga, tai chi, walks and healthy cooking lectures, as well as the use of a hydrotherapy pool, sauna, Roman and Turkish bath and foot baths. Lymphatic drainage, hydro-colon therapy and acupuncture sessions ensure that you are physically, spiritually and mentally cleansed by the end of the programme. All programmes also offer an aesthetic consultation, collagen test and aesthetic and dental health consultation.

Dial D for detox: Prices start from €€1,850 (around Dhs9,800), for a seven-day programme. Visit, or call +34966811199 for more information.

Viva Mayr, Lake Worth, Austria.

Why go there: When a clinic wins the award for ‘best hard-hitting results’ at the Tattler Spa awards, you know they are guaranteed to offer successful results. Located on the shores of the beautiful Lake Worth, Austria, the Viva Mayr clinic offers medically-based treatments in a tranquil setting with picturesque views, and sunny southern Alpine climes. Viva Mayr’s programmes aim to teach you the significance of good digestion and eating habits – with detox being the focal point.

Most programmes at Viva Mayr are targeted at tackling allergies and ageing, or promoting beauty and vitality with various medical treatments and exercise therapies offered for each, and a firm focus on educating guests on how to eat right.

If detoxification is on your mind, the Mayr therapy programme is perfect. It analyses your body’s biological age index and identifies the amount of weight loss required for optimum health. The package includes a vitality assessment, individual exercise, fitness training, massages, baths and nutritional consultation, along with hyperthermia treatment (which lowers blood pressure and removes blockage of fatty tissues in the lymphatic system to aid weight loss), and manual abdominal treatments to support the detoxification process.

Dial D for detox: The price for a standard room starts from €€175 per night (around Dhs845), while treatments start from €€90 (around Dhs480) per night. Visit or call +43(0)4273311170 for details.

Palace Merano Espace Henri Chenot, Italy

Why go there: With mountains and lush greenery as a backdrop, this uber-luxe spa clinic is ideal for a lavish European-style retreat. Located a few steps away from the central city of Merano, Palace Merano Espace Henri Chenot opened its doors in 1906, but it was only in 1972 that the spa centre was created, and in 2000, the wellness centre extension added. Known as one of the most prestigious spa resorts in Europe, the hotel resembles an actual palace, taking luxury and wellness to a whole new level. Here the concept of wellbeing is referred to as biontology – a term created by Henri Chenot which states that it is a type of science that keeps you feeling and looking young, while maintaining a healthy body and mind. The detox programme is just one of a wide range on offer, and works on the principle of organic detoxification by deep cleansing the body and flushing out toxins with drainage treatments, accompanied by a personalised detox diet and hydro-biontology treatments such as phyto-mud therapy (a body treatment that uses pure micro-algae to eliminate physical and mental stress); hydro-aromatherapy (a treatment that offers variations in water and temperature to get rid of toxins and fats in the tissue and benefits the cardio-circulatory system); and hydro-jets (which help restore energy and tone the body through jets of water).

All this is combined with a physical exercises and massages, and is perfect for getting your lifestyle and eating habits back on track.

Dial D for detox: A six day treatment package is available for –€3,050 (around Dhs14,670). Visit, or call +390473271000.