• Christmas dinner pie with roasted veg

    Christmas dinner pie with roasted veg

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Cook a special Christmas Day meal for one with this pie. It’s filled with chicken, sausage and cranberry sauce, and is an easy way to enjoy festive flavours without making a huge dinner

  • Turkey curry patties

    Turkey curry patties

    Use up your leftover Christmas turkey in these moreish turkey curry patties. They’re perfect for the days after the big meal, or you can freeze them for later

    More effort
  • Spiced pomegranate & orange glazed ham

    Spiced pomegranate & orange glazed ham

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Serve our glazed ham warm in thin slices alongside the Christmas turkey. This one has a sticky sweet-and-sour glaze made with pomegranate molasses and orange

  • Turkey tikka masala

    Turkey tikka masala

    Crave spice after the traditional Christmas lunch? Want to turn your leftover turkey into a whole new dish? This tasty turkey tikka masala is for you

  • Christmas leftover sandwich

    Christmas leftover sandwich

    Take your Boxing Day sarnie to the next level. Hollow out a loaf of bread and layer up all your Christmas leftovers inside it to make a lip-smacking sandwich

  • Jamaican stuffing

    Jamaican stuffing

    Try a spiced stuffing for your Christmas turkey or chicken. This recipe was handed down by Michael’s grandmother, Esme, from Saint Mary in Jamaica

  • Next level roast turkey

    Next level roast turkey

    Take your Christmas turkey to the next level with our ultimate roast turkey and gravy. It doesn’t involve much extra work, yet tastes sensational

    More effort
  • Turkey sausage & pesto soup

    Turkey sausage & pesto soup

    Cook up some turkey or chicken sausages and combine with cannellini beans, kale and pesto to make this filling soup. Serve with crusty bread, if you like