• Barbecued fish with lemon & rosemary

    Barbecued fish with lemon & rosemary

    Invest in a fish cage if you’re a seafood lover, as this makes barbecuing a lot easier. If you don’t own one, salt the fish or cook it over lemon

  • Superkanja


    Enjoy this Senegalese superkanja recipe by head chef Modou Diagne. With beef, white fish, okra and spices, it’s a comforting recipe packed with flavour

  • Smoked mackerel & fennel salad bowls

    Smoked mackerel & fennel salad bowls

    Serve this smoked mackerel & fennel salad bowl as a lighter option at a summer get together with family and friends. It’s also great as a filling for a wrap

  • Miso mackerel rice bowl

    Miso mackerel rice bowl

    A triple whammy for maintaining a healthy gut, this flavour-packed rice bowl contains mackerel, miso and leeks to help keep your digestive system happy

  • Mackerel club sandwich

    Mackerel club sandwich

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Great for an indulgent lunch, this club sandwich is like a big mackerel salad piled high between slices of sourdough. Use flaked smoked mackerel if you prefer

    More effort
  • Beetroot & rye tartines

    Beetroot & rye tartines

    If you're keen to rustle up lighter party nibbles for a celebration, these low-calorie beetroot tartines with pastrami or mackerel are ideal