Review: Ronin

Sponsored: Perched on the ninth floor of the newly-launched FIVE LUXE resort, this fine dining destination is inspired by the rebellious spirit of the masterless samurai warrior Ronin

The restaurant features striking hand-painted murals with samurai and folklore motifs, creating a bold and unconventional atmosphere. Led by award-winning Chef Sin Keun Choi, the culinary team crafts artistic Japanese delights that blend culinary excellence with playful defiance.

The restaurant’s true highlight is its expansive outdoor terrace, which provides panoramic views of the Arabian Gulf and Palm Jumeirah. This breathtaking backdrop enhances the dining experience, allowing diners to savour both the culinary artistry and the stunning scenery.

The highlights

After exploring the menu with the help of our server’s recommendations, we ordered the Tuna crispy, which offered a playful combination of a crisp tortilla cradling black truffle, onion, and a touch of Maldon salt, cut through by the sharp bite of horseradish.

This was beautifully balanced by the A5 Wagyu caviar carpaccio, a luxurious display of melt-in-your-mouth Wagyu A5 delicately flavoured with kizami wasabi (grated wasabi) and mustard. The surprise came with the addition of sea urchin and caviar, adding a touch of briny richness to the dish. Miso brioche bread served alongside provided a subtly sweet and savoury complement.

The hot starters continued the exploration of contrasting elements. The Ebi prawn presented a refreshing combination of creamy avocado, cool cucumber, and tempura shrimp, all elevated by the pops of tobiko (flying fish roe) and a garnish of chives. Finally, the Wagyu truffle gyoza arrived, each dumpling filled with a rich wagyu filling and bathed in a luxurious truffle ponzu butter sauce.

For our main courses, we opted for the Warayaki Wagyu karubi, a dish that was both visually impressive and intensely flavourful. The smoked Wagyu short rib was a masterpiece of tender meat, perfectly complemented by the bold galbi sauce and the refreshing crunch of kimchi. Leeks finished with a BBQ miso glaze added a touch of smokiness and sweetness.

The star of the show, however, was the Chilli butter lobster. The succulent lobster meat was enveloped in a rich and complex garlic lobster bisque curry, with hints of lime adding a refreshing touch. Crispy shallots provided a textural contrast, and the miso brioche bread once again served as the perfect accompaniment.

Our experience concluded with indulgent Miso molten chocolate cake complemented by vanilla ice cream and a hazelnut crunch, followed by a refreshing Yuzu Hokkaido cheesecake with a light, creamy base and zesty sugared yuzu skin.

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