Review: YOY

Sponsored: YOY, which translates to WOW in Ukrainian, offers a delectable menu showcasing traditional Ukrainian cuisine with a modern twist

Nestled within The Pointe, the dine-in Ukrainian restaurant follows the ethos of incorporating the feeling of a Ukrainian home. From its expansive open kitchen featuring the wood-burning oven Pich to the venue’s modern minimalistic interiors designed by renowned interior design company YOD Group, every intricate detail is a fervent nod to the country.

YOY boasts a multisensory culinary journey where diners can discover scrumptious dishes prepared through fire cooking. When you arrive at the venue, you’re immediately greeted with its warm indoor ambience and a 13-meter-long wooden table in the centre of the indoor space adorned with mismatched traditional chairs, handmade ceramics, and a chandelier in the form of the stork’s nest, the bird symbolizing love for the native country. During our quick tour, we further made our way to the alfresco terrace which offered picturesque views of the world’s tallest fountain and the Atlantis.

Culinary offerings

After making our way to the expansive wooden table indoors, we looked through its online menu for an array of dishes with the offerings mainly split into the following sections: cold appetizer, hot appetizer, salad, 1st course, varenyky & galushky, main course, sides, and desserts. Since it was our first-time exploring Ukrainian cuisine, we asked our server for recommendations and opted for the Ukranian canapé and the UNESCO-recognized Borscht as our first course. 

The Ukranian canapé (slices of coconut lardo on rye bread with hot mustard) arrived soon after in a curved wooden tray and was a refreshing start with the crispy bread and soft coconut lardo adding a flavourful mix to the dish. The Borscht is a beet soup with succulent beef, cabbage and root veggies served with pampushka and a side of sour cream, offering an explosion of flavours of sweet and savoury. The pampushka with sour cream was lovely on its own and also paired perfectly with the Borscht.

For our mains, we went for the Lamb ribs, That very Kyiv chicken, and Spring Galushky – all dishes generously portioned to provide a sharing-style spread. The standout highlight was the melt-in-your-mouth Lamb ribs, the ovenbaked spring lamb brisket was tender, and doused with pepper sauce for a sweet and spicy touch to the warm and hearty dish. That very Kyiv chicken, was a gorgeous display of a crispy rounded chicken cutlet served in the middle of a creamy spinach mash with a side of fried radish, and sweet carrot gratin, which came together as a delightful main. Finally, the Spring Galushky featured tender Ukrainian-style lazy dumplings coupled with a delectable sour cream was splendid and made us consider getting a second serving of the indulgent dish. 

Absolutely stuffed by then, we opted to share a dessert, the Kyiv tart. The tart was a mesh of buttercream and hazelnut topped with crispy meringue. The top portion was soft and airy while the crust added a crunchy texture – a stunning combination and a definite must-try for the ones with a sweet tooth. 

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