Cacao Barry launches WHOLEFRUIT Chocolate in the Middle East

Sponsored: Barry Callebaut has announced the Middle East launch of WHOLEFRUIT chocolate, a revolutionary type of chocolate under the Cacao Barry franchise

WHOLEFRUIT chocolate Middle East

After a successful global launch in 2021, Barry Callebaut, the Swiss cocoa processor and chocolate manufacturer, has introduced in the Middle East an impressive new kind of chocolate, called WHOLEFRUIT chocolate.

Created especially for artisans, chefs and chocolate enthusiasts, WHOLEFRUIT chocolate is a unique fresh, fruity delight crafted from 100 per cent pure cacao fruit, under the Cacao Barry franchise.

WHOLEFRUIT chocolate is also guaranteed to satisfy the sustainability-conscious consumers who desire indulgent, nutritious and environment-friendly sinful treats.

The distinctive launch event took place at the Chocolate Academy center in Downtown Dubai; and it saw the gathering of industry veterans and chocolate aficionados to experience the true essence of WHOLEFRUIT chocolate as part of an exclusive affair of the senses. Guests were welcomed to indulge in a slew of signature creations by five renowned chefs, including Romain Cornu, Abel Vieilleville, Dilip Kumara, Romain Castet and Charles Azar. Each chef showcased their artistic fervour and unique pairing notes— bringing out the full potential of the WHOLEFRUIT chocolate.

At the event, attendees were also taken on a VR trip to Ecuador’s Cocoa farms and experienced immersive zones that spotlighted the numerous elements of the WHOLEFRUIT Chocolate.

For his part, Chef Romain Renard, Head of Chocolate Academy center Dubai, said, “It takes a change of perspective on centuries of chocolate making to realize that 100 per cent of what is in the cacao fruit is all that is needed to make a great chocolate. The simplest concepts are the most powerful ones, and the most difficult ones to achieve! We are proud to present WHOLEFRUIT chocolate: Evocao, designed by and for chef artisans. Through this new product, we are staying true to our vision of creating long-term value and proving the fraternity a canvas to pair, experiment and come up with delightful creations that can cater to our diverse customer base.”



In 2019, Barry Callebaut rallied 30 pastry chefs and chocolate makers from around the world to explore the perfect expression of WHOLEFRUIT Chocolate. After several months in the making, the first expression of a unique couverture chocolate made from 100 per cent pure cacao fruit known as WHOLEFRUIT Evocao was developed.

Cacao Barry’s WHOLEFRUIT Evocao is the first signature expression of WHOLEFRUIT chocolate, with the product being an instant hit in the chef community. Keep a look out for other exciting flavour profiles that will launch later this year.

Anuj Pachauri, Head of Marketing & BD, Barry Callebaut MENA, explained, “The values associated with Cacao Barry WHOLEFRUIT chocolate are a way of understanding life through sustainability, waste reduction, upcycling and a healthier diet to have better care for our planet. During the process of creating different recipes, we integrated these values that were somewhat already part of our way of seeing the profession, but that we wanted to make much more visible now to highlight even more our commitment to what we think is the future. The launch of Cacao Barry Evocao was a natural next step, taking into consideration the growing talent pool and innovative spirit of the region, Over the year, we have witnessed a steady growth in the industry and believe that this trend is set to grow in the years to come, which will make the Middle East a dynamic hub for chocolate lovers and Chefs.”

WHOLEFRUIT Chocolate boasts a sublime, fresh fruity taste with 40 per cent less sugar than the most consumed dark chocolates made from 100 per cent pure cacao fruit. WHOLEFRUIT’s natural acidity and fruity notes, reminiscent of exotic fruits, make it a powerful chocolate without comparison with what is available on the market today. Now, for the first time, consumers can enjoy all the flavours and natural freshness of the cacao fruit.

Commenting on the launch, Amine Mebrouki, General Manager MENA, Cacao Barry said, “After making waves globally with the launch of the WHOLEFRUIT Chocolate last year, we are pleased to bring this innovative product to the Middle East market. Innovation is the backbone of our organization and by leveraging the knowledge we possess; we have unveiled yet another ground-breaking offering that will aid the creative journey of artisans and chefs alike. Today, our customers want more than just good tasting chocolate. They want chocolate that is good for people and planet. To this end, it was important for us to tick all the boxes to come up with this unique proposition.”

Commenting on the availability of the product, Maurice Feghali, CEO, EMF Middle East commented, We are very proud to offer to the gastronomy sector a new vision of chocolate that meets the current needs of ingredients: Good for oneself. Good for the planet. In the Middle East region, the WholeFruit Evocao chocolate is now available for professional artisans in the UAE via the EMF Emirates network. Later this year, we will progressively plan to extended the distribution to other parts of the Middle East region.”

First chocolate worldwide with Upcycled certified label

WHOLEFRUIT Evocao intends to be the first chocolate worldwide that qualifies for the Upcycled Certified mark, which will be implemented this year in the United States by the Upcycled Food Association. This helps consumers to make conscious choices and have a positive impact on the environment.

Additionally, Cacao Barry has partnered with Cabosse Naturals, who upcycles the delicious pulp and peel into a range of 100 per cent pure cacao fruit ingredients. Cabosse Naturals collaborates closely with local cacao fruit farming communities in Ecuador, who are part of the Cocoa Horizons sustainability program, to source the highest quality fruits. Through this collaboration, the time between harvesting and processing the fresh cacao fruit into delectable ingredients has been shortened to no more than 5 hours. Freshly harvested cacao fruit is essential to preserve the delicious fresh fruity taste and nutrients of the fruits that distinguish WHOLEFRUIT chocolate.


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