This home delivery platform caters to all your truffle needs

Massimo Vidoni (a.k.a The Truffleman) founder of Italtouch Trading LLC unveils a home delivery platform for all your truffle and caviar needs 

Ever since strict measures were introduced, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Truffleman has received multiple requests from private consumers, for truffles and caviar.

Making the most out of this opportunity, Vidoni recently unveiled The home delivery website features a wide range of products used by top chefs and restaurants in the region. You can find everything from caviar and seasonal truffles to balsamic vinegars, grilled vegetables for your next entertaining session and even truffle slicers. The online retailer also showcases Italtouch products, including the indulgent Acacia honey with 23k gold flakes, and a selection of gift hampers that are perfect for any occasion.

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