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5 supper clubs to discover in Dubai

Dubai’s dining scene is renowned for its diversity and innovation, and supper clubs are at the forefront of this gastronomic evolution

Offering an intimate and often exclusive experience, supper clubs provide a unique blend of fine dining, social interaction, and culinary exploration. Here are ten supper clubs in Dubai that promise an unforgettable evening.



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K’iin offers an intimate underground dining experience in Dubai, led by star chef Jonathan Colin, blending Mexican heritage with French and Japanese influences in a seven-course tasting menu, set against a candlelit setting.

Haus of Vo


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Haus of Vo, hosted by the enigmatic Madam Vo in DIFC, features themed nights showcasing Vietnamese, Hong Kong, and Bavarian cuisines, along with occasional masterclasses like dumpling making.

Ett Hem by The Curry Bureau

Vikram Gawd’s secret supper club offers a contemporary twist on dishes inspired by India’s coastal regions with Middle Eastern influences, featuring delicacies like buttery Omani prawns.

Moreish by K


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Kunwal Safdar’s Moreish by K, originating as a pandemic passion project, has evolved into a renowned zero-waste supper club in Dubai, celebrated for its fusion cuisine blending flavours from the UAE, Punjab, and Persia.



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Casa21, led by self-taught chef Jatin Suri, offers an unforgettable dining experience where love, passion, and purpose converge, featuring dishes like Samfaina de bacalao and Baklawa ice cream at its secret supper club.

Stay tuned for more supper clubs to discover in Dubai.