SALATA is elevating healthy eating in Dubai

Sponsored: From vibrant salads and blissful bowls to lush treats and juices, SALATA takes Dubai by storm with a selection of nourishing new dishes

Salata Dubai 

Craving a spectacular lunch, dinner or snack that is both delicious and healthy at the same time? SALATA is Dubai’s new delivery-only kid on the block that boasts a menu brimming with scrumptious bites for a healthy living.

Born and bred in Beirut, Lebanon, SALATA is more than just a dining concept. It is a lifestyle movement created by fitness and food enthusiasts, where healthy culture takes the spotlight. The brand’s mission is to inspire their community to eat high-quality foods freshly created using seasonal vegetables, fruits and grains, sourced from trusted partners and local farmers; whilst simultaneously adopting an active daily regimen.

Salata Dubai

After successfully inspiring discerning gastronomes in Lebanon, SALATA now invites wellness-seeking foodies in Dubai to enjoy a variety of gourmet salads and power bowls, alongside a selection of superfoods, guiltless treats and delightful juices.

Available for order via Deliveroo, you can take your pick from Salads such as Cauli falafel, Nutty chicken, The Greek harvest, The Mexican, Spring salad, Fabulous freekeh, The Yogini and more; or opt for bountiful bowls teeming with ingredients including tuna, smoked salmon, kale, orzo, avocado, edamame, black rice, hard-boiled eggs, charred corn, pickled ginger and toasted peanuts.

SALATA also offers the option to make your own salad, where you can choose a meal with all your favourite flavours. With vegan and vegetarian options available too, the brand really offers something to satisfy all taste buds.

Cold-pressed juices packed with vitamins, enzymes, minerals, and antioxidants provide refreshing sips throughout the day; and tempting treats such as Biscotti and Chocolate brownies, rustled up with wholesome ingredients, act to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Taking healthy eating one step further, SALATA also makes sure to specify the ‘calorie, fat, carbohydrates and protein’ content of each item on the menu, ensuring their community knows exactly what they’re eating.

Available for order via Deliveroo. Visit the website or Instagram.