Revitalize your wellbeing with Maison Santé

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Blending Eastern and Western medicine practices, Maison Santé is a wellness hub for those looking to embark on a wellbeing journey. Home to regeneration, balance and growth of body and mind, Preventive medicine, Traditional Chinese medicine, Nutrition coaching, Physiotherapy and Psychology, Maison Santé helps you become the best version of yourself.

The journey begins with assessments designed to give you a detailed picture of your state of health and areas that require special attention. The assessments take genetic predisposition, lifestyle and preferences into consideration, and are key to Maison Santé’s personalized approach. The medical team then advises you on suggested treatment plans. Maison Santé prioritizes the concept of preventing diseases: The earlier the better! This medicinal approach attends to all areas that are key to helping you feel good. 

“At Maison Santé, we believe prevention is the future of medicine. Health care needs to start focusing on preventing diseases rather than curing them. Treatments for existing diseases, especially chronic diseases, should have an emphasis on holistic and natural treatments, and mental health is a pivotal part of that.” says Dr. Maria Alonso, Co-Founder & Medical Director. 

According to the Maison Santé team, gut health and your microbiome are key to your immune system health. It helps reduce inflammation, optimize the absorption of nutrients, and influence your mood. Maison Santé uses advanced tools to test your vitamin and mineral status, and your microbiome, and check food intolerances, getting the necessary information to make personalized recommendations. 

Hormones are the regulators of body functions. They affect fertility and a variety of aspects including weight, the quality of sleep, energy levels, muscle composition, bone integrity, skin health, hair condition and ageing patterns. Detailed blood and saliva tests will help you diagnose and optimize levels, as well as using supplements or BHRT (Bioidentical Hormone Replacement) depending on your needs and preferences.

Additionally, cardiovascular diseases are the single biggest preventable risk factor today. Understanding your family history and regularly monitoring risk parameters is essential to early detection and prevention.

With Maison Santé, you’ll know exactly what you need to do to keep yourself in the best possible health. Look forward to a better future with happiness and fulfilment.

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