Visit Laung by Peppermill and Beam Restaurant at Nation Towers Mall

Nation Towers, Abu Dhabi is home to two new dining destinations, Laung by Peppermill and Beam Restaurant

Nation Towes, Abu Dhabi’s iconic mall and lifestyle destination, invites foodies to its latest dining additions, Laung by Peppermill, a fine dining restaurant that boasts Indian cuisine with inventive recipes and Beam Restaurant, an Instagrammable breakfast and dining venue.


Beam Restaurant


A home-grown dining concept, Beam Restaurant on level 2 of the mall serves contemporary dishes complemented by views of the stunning Abu Dhabi corniche waterfront and the capital city’s spectacular skyline. The new setting features a menu teeming with dishes such as Shakshuka, Foul and fresh creams with honeycomb, Greek-style eggs, Shawarma fries, Baked salmon and more, served across breakfast and lunch or dinner.


Laung by Peppermill

Sited on level 1, Laung by Peppermill takes diners on a culinary voyage across India, with a feast of slow-cooked Indian delicacies, as was seen in the kitchens of Indian royalty in the early 1800s. Expect classic Indian cuisine with an inventive and contemporary twist, including dishes brimming with exceptional flavours and succulent textures due to a unique wood charcoal-style of cooking.

Beam Restaurant, open daily from 8am-11pm. Laung by Peppermill, open daily from 11am-11 pm. Visit Instagram.