Leftover meal solutions by Simply Kitchen

Sponsored: It’s the week of post-festivities, family gatherings and sumptuous feasts. Delicious meals have been crafted to perfection in large quantities to satisfy everyone’s cravings, so there is without doubt plenty of leftovers, waiting to be put away to be enjoyed once again or even in the days to come.

Luckily, Simply Kitchen has effective solutions to help you stash away your holiday meals, so that they remain fresh in the days to come. Compact and user-friendly, the Snack Box Sets ‘Power up’ and ‘Avocado’ are best suited for leftovers. These containers help preserve fresh food without utilising a lot of space in your fridge. With attractive, eye-catching designs and vibrant colours, these Box sets make for the perfect lunch box for little ones, as well as adults who have headed back to work.

Plus, with all the busyness of the year end approaching, don’t forget to stay hydrated by carrying their quirky Water Bottles with you at all times – ideal for adventurous trekkers and gym-goers too.

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