Lingua in salsa verde

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Created by: 

Chef Federico Marras, Torno Subito, W Dubai – The Palm.

The inspiration behind it:

Derived from the widespread use of the iconic “Salsa Verde” across regions, typically accompanying 5/4 cuts, it also finds its place in sandwich dressings, exemplified by the “Lampredotto” in Florence. Drawing from my experience in London, I introduced horseradish to this tradition, echoing its common usage in UK meat-based dishes like the celebrated “English Sunday roast.”

Description of what makes the dish special:

The cooking technique used for the tongue renders it exceptionally tender and juicy. The anchovy crumb adds a savoury element, while the salsa verde, infused with hints of vinegar and Mediterranean herbs, provides a delightful backdrop of flavours. Finally, the mildness of the horseradish brings everything together.

Which side dishes/flavours are best paired with the dish:

A great accompaniment would be mashed potatoes or confit carrots.

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