Dubai Hills Mall is now home to a new Géant Hypermarket

Géant Dubai Hills is all set to offer you a refined grocery shopping experience

The largest Géant hypermarket in the region has opened its doors at Dubai Hills Mall. Located on the ground floor of the new mall, Géant Dubai Hills is designed with a European open-air market look and feel. The setting offers an abundance in choice and quality, including a plethora of organic options, restaurant-quality ‘Food to Go’ and regular seasonal offers.

Shoppers can expect to find fresh produce and premium meats, an in-house bakery, an organic, gluten free and vegan foods section, a French-inspired cheese section and one of the city’s largest collections of established global foods.

For added convenience, the shop floor in Géant Dubai Hills has been divided into comprehensive sections. As an example, the laundry department not only has machines, but also the detergent to go with the wash. Additionally, the space will also feature a unique technology that embeds digital screens in some of the refrigerator and freezer doors to create a new network of “smart” displays that will not only be used to depict the food and drink inside in their best light, but also act as an in-store billboard that can share information and special offers to shoppers.

Finally, the hypermarket includes the Maison Marguerite, Géant’s in-house café concept where shoppers can unwind with coffee and conversation before or after they shop.

Mark Lack, CEO of Urban Foods, stated that they see it vital that customers look on them as a one stop shop replete with new options and experiences yet offering a select but also eclectic range of quality goods.

Home delivery is also available via local delivery platforms and Géant’s ‘Your store to Your door’ service.

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