Explore exciting new offerings at Spinneys

Sponsored: Brace yourselves, as Spinneys is gearing up to unveil an impressive array of fresh products in the upcoming months

The exciting additions are designed not only to satiate your taste buds with delectable mealtime solutions and quick bites but also to introduce healthier alternatives. To ignite this flavour-packed journey, Spinneys has introduced a collection of low-sugar condiments hailing from the UK’s Dr. Will’s. This assortment, encompassing lunchtime essentials such as ketchup and sriracha, is crafted with clean ingredients and devoid of undesirable additives.

Furthermore, for the connoisseurs of gourmet gifting, the new Random Harvest range brings an ensemble of artisanal mustards, preserves, and sauces from Australia.

For the busy parents who find themselves entangled in the back-to-school hustle, dive into a selection of three new salads, five new gourmet sandwiches, and freshly baked pastries. Breakfast worries are further put to rest as Spinneys introduces Crispy Fantasy cereals and a range of beloved Nespresso capsules.

Even the little ones are catered to with the introduction of Suckies from Graham’s Dairy in Scotland and oat-based sweet delights from Pri Bakes. From Pecan pie to Peanut butter pie, Spinneys has got your little one’s lunch bags covered.

Spinneys also presents a fresh take-home meal deal, crafted for occasions when cooking is not on the agenda. The Italian Meal Deal allows you to pick from a delightful range of fresh pasta, an assortment of pasta sauces, and delectable buttery garlic bread.

In addition, the Stir-Fry Meal Deal offers a wealth of customisation by selecting your preferred protein, rice or noodles, an assortment of stir-fried vegetables, and a flavourful sauce. Get ready to welcome a fresh selection of vegan meat substitutes to the frozen sections of Spinneys. These offerings, sourced locally from esteemed brands like Thryve and Switch, significantly enhance the range of plant-based choices accessible in stores.

For customers with pets, Spinneys features newly added BCorp-certified brands, including Lily’s Kitchen and Edgard & Cooper. These options not only cater to your pets’ dietary requirements but also contribute to fostering a more environmentally conscious ecosystem.

From organic produce to convenient ready-to-eat meals, plant-based alternatives, and even gluten-free options, Spinneys has meticulously curated a comprehensive selection catering to diverse preferences.

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