8 cafés and restaurants to visit in Msheireb Downtown Doha

Explore a vibrant culinary scene within Doha’s cultural and architectural gem, Msheireb Downtown, where top-tier cafés, restaurants, and bars await

Café Kitsuné


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Start your day with a touch of Parisian flair at Café Kitsuné. This trendy spot, known for its signature fox logo, boasts a menu of delectable pastries, light bites, and aromatic coffee. Soak in the stylish ambience while savouring a freshly baked croissant and a cup of their signature brew.

IZU French Mediterranean


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Embark on a culinary voyage to the French Riviera at IZU. This elegant restaurant offers a delightful fusion of French and Mediterranean cuisine. Enjoy fresh seafood dishes, perfectly seasoned meats, and delectable desserts in a sophisticated setting.

Rusk Artisanal Bakery


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For those with a passion for freshly baked delights, Rusk Artisanal Bakery is a haven. The aroma of handcrafted bread and pastries fills the air as you browse their enticing selection. Indulge in a warm sourdough loaf, flaky croissants, or decadent cakes – perfect for a satisfying breakfast, afternoon tea, or a delightful snack.

Le Colonial

Enjoy a memorable culinary journey at Le Colonial, with à la carte breakfast options and a variety of international and local specialties, all while learning about the history of the Colonial era.

Reberu Contemporary Cuisine

For an innovative culinary adventure, head to Reberu Contemporary Cuisine. This restaurant pushes the boundaries of gastronomy, offering a unique tasting menu that showcases seasonal ingredients and creative techniques. Prepare to be surprised and delighted by a truly modern dining experience.



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This vibrant restaurant specialises in delicious bao buns, filled with an array of savoury and sweet options. Experiment with unique flavour combinations and enjoy the lively atmosphere, perfect for a casual and satisfying meal with friends.

EL&N London


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Step into a world of luxurious indulgence at EL&N London. This opulent cafe offers a sophisticated setting to enjoy handcrafted coffee, signature floral teas, and decadent desserts. Adorned with plush seating and exquisite décor, EL&N London promises an unforgettable experience for any occasion.