Delicacies of the sea: Alila Hinu Bay launches ‘white gold’ Omani Abalone dining experience

Sponsored: Unlike the ubiquitous oyster, Oman’s prized Abalone, with its rich taste and unique texture, is a hidden treasure captivating gourmands and putting Alila Hinu Bay as a destination for authentic gastronomy

Nestled in the pristine waters of Dhofar, the Omani Abalone, locally known as Safaleh, is celebrated as one of the world’s finest delicacies. With only 56 species of Abalone globally, the Omani variety shines; prized for its light-coloured flesh and delicate flavour, and has earned the nickname “white gold” due to its high demand, particularly in East Asian countries.

Thriving in the southern Dhofar region, the Omani abalone clings to the rocky shores along a vast stretch between the fishing village of Mirbat and the Al Hallaniyat Islands. Indigenous to the locale, the cultivation of Abalone has been carefully revitalised through Oman’s sustainability vision with Oman Aquaculture Company playing a pivotal role in extensive research and trials, creating delectable harvests for tourists and locals alike to enjoy.

Where The Sea and Mountain Meet

Alila is the sublime combination of authentic connections, sustainable living, and awe-inspiring experiences that make space to think, breathe, and restore. With its secluded location on the cerulean blue shores of Oman’s southwest coast, Hinu Bay serves as a tranquil retreat, where guests can take in the wonders of its pristine private beach and discover the Dhofar region’s incredible wildlife, culture, and architectural ruins.

It also serves as the perfect setting for a gourmand feast of the seas, with layers of storytelling to be explored at Seasalt. Savour wild-caught and sustainably harvested seafood specialties from Mirbat’s traditional fishing port in Seasalt’s airy, expansive dining room, or on its terrace overlooking the lagoon.

A Culinary Adventure Awaits at Seasalt

Omani Abalone is renowned for its distinct buttery and sweet taste and can be enjoyed in a variety of ways at the award-winning Seasalt restaurant, under the helm of Chef Prakash Sundaram.

Guests have the opportunity to witness firsthand the journey of the Abalone, from its nurturing in Oman Aquaculture’s facility to its expert preparation at Seasalt, with a menu meticulously crafted to showcase the exquisite Omani Abalone. The four-course Abalone tasting menu has also expanded to six courses, with the Grilled Abalone dish garnering praise for its delicate pairing of butter, mirin, and soy, becoming a beloved choice among guests and exemplifying the exceptional flavour of the mollusk.

The sumptuous six-course menu begins with Abalone Sashimi, served with wasabi, pickled ginger, and soy, highlighting the abalone’s fresh and delicate natural taste. This is followed by Abalone Chawanmushi, a savoury custard with abalone broth and various flavorful ingredients.

The Grilled Abalone, paired with butter, mirin, and soy, serves as the luxurious centrepiece, while Braised Abalone with shiitake mushrooms, pok choy, seaweed, and udon noodles provide a hearty and comforting dish. The experience concludes with Green Curry Abalone with moringa leaves, mushrooms, and coconut milk, accompanied by steamed rice, and finishes with a refreshing Citrus & Ginger Granita to cleanse the palate.

Innovative Sustainability

The exclusive partnership between Alila Hinu Bay and Oman Aquaculture Company embodies a commitment to culinary excellence and environmental care. By supporting Omani Abalone farming, Alila Hinu Bay fosters economic growth within local communities and contributes to the region’s burgeoning sustainable tourism sector.

Each Omani abalone embarks on a meticulous two-three year journey from the initial settlement and nursery stages through mature growth to market delivery, ensuring the highest quality standards for global markets. This dedication to quality and sustainability epitomises the Alila Philosophy and Hyatt’s commitment to thoughtfully sourced and carefully served food.

To learn more about Alila Hinu Bay’s sustainable initiatives and to experience the exquisite Omani Abalone journey, visit website.