6 strawberry dessert recipes for the summer

Fresh strawberries deserve delicious desserts! Whip up something amazing with our top 6 strawberry recipe collection

Summer’s bounty of strawberries adds a burst of sweet, fresh flavour to all sorts of treats. From airy pavlovas to creamy cheesecakes and even refreshing ice cream, we have a recipe to turn every strawberry lover into a dessert hero.

1) Strawberry pavlova

This impressive dessert is the perfect way to use up a glut of fresh berries. Whisk up a light and airy meringue, baked to perfection for a delightfully crisp exterior. Pile the centre high with fluffy whipped cream, and then comes the real star: a cascade of juicy chopped strawberries and tart redcurrants. To finish, drizzle with a vibrant strawberry purée, creating a symphony of summer flavours in every bite.

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2) Triple-layered berry cheesecake

This magnificent dessert features a vibrant ombré effect, achieved by simply dividing your creamy cheesecake filling and adding a touch of food colouring to each layer. Assembled and chilled to perfection, the cake boasts a delightful play of colour. Top it off with a flourish of fresh strawberries or a delightful mix of summer berries. For an extra touch of indulgence, drizzle the entire creation with decadent chocolate sauce.

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3) Strawberry ice cream

Fresh, sweet strawberries are at their peak, and this incredible ice cream is the perfect way to celebrate them. Enjoy it on its own for a refreshing summer treat, or use it to elevate any other dessert into a masterpiece.

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4) Victoria sponge loaf cake

This recipe takes inspiration from the classic Victoria sponge, but with a delightful twist. Bake your favourite loaf cake, then slice it carefully into two even layers. Spread a layer of your favourite strawberry jam over one layer, followed by a dollop of freshly whipped cream. Finally, adorn the top with a crown of juicy strawberry slices and a decadent drizzle of icing for a truly impressive dessert.

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5) Strawberry & pistachio olive oil cake

This versatile cake bursts with flavour and is perfect for any occasion. Made with olive oil and your choice of polenta or cornmeal, it offers a delightful textural experience alongside the sweet strawberries and nutty pistachios. Enjoy it for a luxurious afternoon tea treat or a light and satisfying dessert – all while being completely gluten-free!

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6) Strawberry jellies with elderflower ice cream

There’s nothing quite like a cool and refreshing dessert on a scorching summer day. This recipe elevates the classic jelly and ice cream combo to a whole new level. We’ll guide you through crafting a vibrant strawberry jelly infused with rosé wine for a touch of sophistication. Once set, the jelly becomes the perfect base for a homemade ice cream bursting with the floral notes of elderflower cordial and a touch of zest from lime juice.

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