How to cook squid

Discover expert techniques for preparing squid, suitable for deep-frying, slow cooking, barbecuing, and pan-frying, all in one comprehensive guide

Here’s how to cook squid

Key Points to Remember:

  • Begin by pulling out the tentacles from the main body, cutting just below the eye and discarding the innards, then discard the beak and trim the long tentacles level with the rest.
  • Pinch the two fins together, thread your thumb underneath, and pull them away from the body along with the membrane, discarding them.

Additional Tips for Preparing Squid:

  • Remove the shell or ‘quill’ and the innards using the back of a knife, then cut the squid open, scrape out any remaining innards, and discard them before slicing or scoring the squid into pieces.
  • When frying, avoid overcrowding the pan to prevent steaming and ensure tender results; squid pieces should be cooked for 30-40 seconds on very high heat and served immediately, as squid doesn’t hold well or reheat successfully.