6 easy dinner ideas with tinned tuna

Make the most of storecupboard ingredients with these easy tinned tuna recipes. Use up cans of this meaty fish in a pasta bake, jacket potato or a twist on a traditional Italian favourite.

Tuna, asparagus & white bean salad

A nourishing spring salad, ready in minutes.

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Pesto cannellini bean tuna jacket potatoes

Top baked sweet potatoes with pesto, cannellini beans and tinned tuna for a simple supper. They take just two minutes to prep and deliver two of your 5-a-day.

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Tuna & sundried tomato pasta bake

An easy storecupboard supper, that can be out of the oven and on the dinner table in 25 minutes.

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Sicilian style tinned tuna lasagna

tinned tuna

Swap mince for tinned tuna in this budget lasagne recipe, made even easier with cream cheese instead of béchamel sauce.

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Lemony tuna, tomato & caper one-pot pasta

tuna pasta

Give a standard tuna pasta a boost with capers, mascarpone, lemon zest and parmesan for a more sophisticated take on a budget-friendly midweek meal.

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Blistered sweet potatoes with herby tuna

tinned tuna potatoes

Fill sweet potatoes with a tasty tinned tuna mixture flavoured with pesto, parsley and dill for an easy midweek meal. It delivers 3 of your 5-a-day and is gluten free!

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