I tried the liquid diet for 5 days and here’s what happened

If you’re planning to kickstart your liquid diet plan, read on to know more about what to look forward to

As a self-proclaimed critic, my healthy resolutions have admittedly never been successful. As we’re a month into 2023, I decided to finally put the excuses to rest and strictly follow the five-day liquid diet. iDiet, a meal-delivery sub-brand of HealthBox Diet and Nutrition Center, provides a three and five-day iCleanse plan catered for individuals to choose from a range of options and covers early AM snack, breakfast, lunch, PM snack, and a refreshing drink.

Before diving into the five-day diet, we spoke to the Co-founder and Managing Director of iDiet by Healthbox.me, Sabine Karam, to know more about the benefits and misconceptions about the diet.

What are the benefits of a liquid diet?

A Liquid Diet is an effective way to jumpstart a weight loss process, stimulate the metabolism and detoxify the body. The premise lies in loading the body with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants while giving it a break from processed food, animal fats and refined carbohydrates. It is important to acknowledge that our bodies are well equipped to eliminate toxins by themselves, however, a well-engineered, nutrient-rich, liquid diet is meant to enhance the body’s natural detoxification system.

The iCleanse plan from iDiet by Healthbox.me is a short-term nutritious plan designed to help one cleanse and reset. It temporarily removes solid food from the diet and replaces it with fresh juices and light soups which are all 100% natural, and rich in vitamins, antioxidants and plant enzymes while being free from additives and preservatives. The iCleanse menu includes 3 healthy fresh smoothies to be consumed for breakfast and as morning and afternoon boosters and has 2 light vegan soups for lunch and dinner. Every item on the iCleanse menu is made only with fresh fruits, and/or vegetables, and/or vegan nut milk.

How is a three-day diet different from a five-day diet? What happens if you do it for longer periods than mentioned?

Choosing the duration of the diet plan depends on the reason behind opting for iCleanse (or any liquid diet) and also one’s ability to sustain a liquid diet. The 3-day iCleanse plan is usually recommended for those looking for a fast, pre or post-event, calorie crasher to help them feel lighter and better. It is also very useful as a first step of a weight loss plan or as a booster when hitting a plateau during one’s weight loss journey. Clients who express such concerns are usually recommended the 3-day plan by iDiet’s consultants.

The 5-day package, on the other hand, is recommended for those looking for a deep detox of the body and mind and are willing to fully commit to their health for the whole period of the plan. Before making this suggestion to clients, we prefer having a thorough consultation to carefully gauge requirements as well as understand the suitability of the plan for one’s unique body needs. At iDiet by Healthbox.me, we do not recommend longer than 5 days because this might increase the risk of side effects including fatigue, dizziness, constipation, as well as loss of lean muscle mass. Moreover, it is important not to restrict oneself to a point that one chooses to eventually give up, overeat or gain back all the weight lost.

What are your tips for people going on a liquid diet?

When opting for a liquid diet, my advice would be to:

1. Stay hydrated

2. Cut back on caffeine and alcohol for optimal results

3. Exercise but avoid very high-intensity workouts, especially if one isn’t already accustomed to them

4. In times of discomfort, always report it to your dietitian. We believe in offering clients a smooth journey where one feels good and energized during and after the plan. Therefore when witnessing any symptom like dizziness, constipation, fatigue or weakness, it is essential to bring it to the notice of the dietitian and make immediate amends to the diet.

5. Lastly but most importantly, it is imperative to maintain healthier dietary habits AFTER a liquid diet in order to not lose the benefits reaped during the plan.

What’s a misconception about the liquid diet?

Many hold a misconception that a liquid diet will help them lose weight. While it is true that the number on the scale may drop, it is mainly due to the calorie deficit created. Anyone who joins our iCleanse plan is clearly explained that most of the weight lost over the course of the plan is mainly water weight and should not be mistaken for fat loss.

Liquid diets are not meant for sustainable weight loss. They can help jumpstart the process and serve as a booster in the middle of a weight loss journey. However, the only way to safely lose weight and maintain the weight loss is by following a smart sustainable meal plan that fits perfectly with one’s dietary preference. The only time a liquid meal would be useful is if it’s made a part of an already well-balanced diet.



Although I expected the first day to be the toughest to get through, there was surprisingly more excitement about going head-first into the liquid diet and trying out the meals. After a minimal workout exercise, I had almond milk for breakfast and signed in to work feeling surprisingly refreshed. For an AM snack, I had the pomegranate mint juice which kept my food cravings at bay until it was time for the Lentils soup. The portion sizes for soups were quite impressive and super filling – I was only able to finish half of it. In all honesty, by the time the evening set in, I did miss having solid food but pushed through the day with the potassium-load smoothie for a snack and vegetable soup for dinner. The total calorie count for the entire meal plan ranged from 930-1000 calories daily.


If there was ever a time when working from home was appreciated, it was today. With an avocado hazelnut smoothie for breakfast, I was a little exhausted to go outside and instead opted for an all-day stay-in with orange beets juice as a snack and moved on to asparagus soup for an early lunch. As much as the day was harder to get through, the hearty lentil soup (approximately 400 calories) for dinner was a nice way to end the day.


My cravings did go through a rollercoaster since I loved feeling more healthy but I still missed having meat and desserts in my diet. However, one of the highlights of the day was the mixed fruit chia smoothie for breakfast which without a doubt was my favourite in the meal plan. The breakfast was then followed by a summer chill smoothie, a refreshing beet soup, kiwi ginger and apple juice, and lentil soup (it was clearly another favourite of mine).


By the time day three arrived, I felt lighter and more accustomed to the liquid diet routine. The day went by relatively smoothly – potassium load smoothie for breakfast, peanut butter smoothie for an AM snack, zucchini soup for lunch, pineapple avocado smoothie for a PM snack, and a lentil soup for dinner. I didn’t find a need in consuming a lot and was satisfied eating reasonable portions – enough to feel full and able to get through the day.


As much as I loved the diet, I understand why there’s only a three or five-day constraint to the diet. I overall felt more relaxed and refreshed but also convinced I couldn’t get through an additional week without any solid food. With that being said, there are a lot of meals (mixed fruit chia smoothie, lentil soup, potassium load smoothie, and avocado hazelnut smoothie) from the plan that will now be a part of my everyday routine for moving towards a healthier lifestyle.

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