Food Club masterclass with chef Suzanne Husseini

A cheese-tastic evening!

Chef and cookbook author Suzanne Husseini demonstrated a cheese board and canapés using Castello Cheese, at Lafayette Gourmet last Wednesday, 15th April 2015. Lucky members went home not only with lots of culinary tips and ideas, but also goodie bags packed with creamy Havarti cheese from Castello, and vouchers from Lafayette Gourmet.



Suzanne’s tips for putting together a stunning cheese board to impress.

  • Add a touch of green: Instead of placing the cheeses directly to the cutting board, place a little bed of greens first, you can use leaves such as grape vine, fig or even lettuce. This makes your cheese platter look fuller and more attractive.
  • Never serve it cold: Pull your cheese out of the refrigerator at least an hour and a half before serving it. Bringing it to room temperature ensures that you get the natural flavours and fragrance of the cheese
  • Quality not quantity: Choose only three to four kinds of cheese with different flavours and textures for your platter.
  • Avoid cluttering the plate: Create different levels with the cheese by cutting them in different sizes. Do not scatter the nuts all over the board, put them in a neat pile. Add one large bunch of green or red grapes in the center to create a visual focal point.
  • Add more fruits: Aside from grapes, you can also use fruits like green apples, pears, apricot, and even dry figs to your cheese plate. The sweet and tangy tastes of these fruits balances that saltiness of the cheese.