Dinner review: Dokuz Fairmont Hotel Dubai

Dinner review: Dokuz Fairmont Hotel Dubai

What’s the concept?

This pool-side Turkish-themed bar is situated on the 9th floor of the Fairmont Hotel Dubai, on Sheikh Zayed Road. Aptly named Dokuz (meaning ‘nine’ in Turkish), the bar serves up mezze-style sharing dishes and Turkish grilled meats with views of the Dubai skyline.

What’s the food like?

Despite the bar’s small size, it has an extensive menu. From the list of hot mezze, the ‘kalamar tava’ (crispy calamari rings with tartar sauce) was delicious, as was the ‘teregyagin da karides’ (sautéed shrimp, mushroom, tomatoes and chili pepper) and the ‘ctir tavuk’ (golden crispy chicken fingers). Be sure to leave room for the main courses (the portions are large – one dish could easily be shared between two if you are not too hungry). The grills are a specialty at the restaurant, meat lovers should try the grilled Turkish platter (with lamb chops, striploin, shish tavuk and adana) For seafood fans there’s two different fish and seafood platters, however the menu is quite limited for vegetarians. Dokuz is one of the few restaurants in the city serving authentic Turkish desserts. The kunafe (Turkish soft cheese wrapped with shredded pastry and sugar syrup) and the traditional Bakalva sweets and Turkish delight are all worth trying.

How was the service?

The waiting team were warm, welcoming and quick to seat us at the table. The waiting staff were quick to take a drinks order from a table, and could easily recommend different pairings for the food menu. Despite the multiple sharing dishes and courses, the staff left enough time before serving the next round of dishes.

What was the atmosphere like?

BBC Good Food Middle East visited on a Thursday evening, and the place was busy, with friends sharing mezze and drinks. Turkish music was playing, but quietly enough that you could still easily chat with people at your table. The venue opens at 6pm everyday (except Saturdays), and is worth visiting during the cooler months to be fully enjoyed.

Details: A meal for two without drinks costs around AED 300. For more information, or to book a table visit Dokuz.