• Quinoa, peach & ginger bircher

    Quinoa, peach & ginger bircher

    These overnight oats can be made the night before and eaten the next day as a nutritious breakfast or post-exercise snack.

  • Breakfast egg wraps

    Breakfast egg wraps

    Enjoy these protein-rich egg wraps filled with mushrooms and tomatoes for a quick, filling and healthy breakfast. It provides iron, folate and fibre.

  • Summer sausage traybake

    Summer sausage traybake

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Use sausages as the base for this easy summer traybake. It’s packed with artichokes, new potatoes, butter beans, tomatoes and fresh pesto, and is delicious with crusty bread

  • Pancakes for one

    Pancakes for one

    Treat yourself to fluffy American-style pancakes with this simple recipe for one person. Drizzle over maple syrup and serve with berries, if you like

  • Peanut butter pancakes

    Peanut butter pancakes

    Try pancakes with a sweet, crunchy peanut butter sauce – perfect for Pancake Day, a weekend brunch or even dessert

  • Mix & match pancake muffins

    Mix & match pancake muffins

    Forget standing over a hob flipping pancakes on Pancake Day – make these fluffy pancake muffins instead. They’re simple to make and kids will love to help

  • Cinnamon roll pancakes

    Cinnamon roll pancakes

    Serve these cinnamon roll pancakes for breakfast or brunch with caramel yogurt and maple syrup. They also make an inspired dessert for Pancake Day

  • Lemon drizzle pancakes

    Lemon drizzle pancakes

    Indulge in a stack of our ultra-indulgent lemon drizzle pancakes, inspired by our favourite classic bake. These are a guaranteed crowd-pleaser