• Caption cookies

    Caption cookies

    Ideal for celebrations, birthdays or any occasion, these hand-held iced and decorated cookies are a sweet way to get your message across

    More effort
  • Salted almond snaps

    Salted almond snaps

    These salty-sweet nut biscuits are ideal for scooping up creamy desserts, such as our strawberry panna cotta

    More effort
  • Fancy iced biscuits

    Fancy iced biscuits

    Edd Kimber talks through how to master piping and flood icing to create these cute cookies with a distinct decoration

  • Jammy heart drops

    Jammy heart drops

    Cook from the heart and serve these raspberry-centred biscuits to kids, young and old- you don’t need a special cutter, either

  • Blueberry & pretzel cookies

    Blueberry & pretzel cookies

    Chewy, crunchy, salty and sweet- these biscuits have it all, including some white chocolate chips thrown in for good measure

  • Love bug biscuits

    Love bug biscuits

    These cute cookies decorated with fondant icing in a heart-shaped ladybird pattern would make a lovely romantic gift

  • Custard kisses

    Custard kisses

    Try a homemade version of these old-school favourites for a comforting afternoon tea

  • Chilli chocolate cookies

    Chilli chocolate cookies

    A big pile of spiced double chocolate chip biscuits next to a tub of ice cream is an easy way to feed a crowd

  • Basic biscuit dough

    Basic biscuit dough

    This simple recipe for cookie dough can be adapted to suit your tastes- experiment with different shapes and flavours