• Chilli salmon & teriyaki noodles

    Chilli salmon & teriyaki noodles

    Fresh and flavoursome, this simple seafood supper with soy, ginger and teriyaki sauce is a great go-to midweek meal for two

  • Prawn & rice noodle stir-fry

    Prawn & rice noodle stir-fry

    This simple, midweek meal is low fat, low calorie and bursting with Asian flavours – it’s ready in under half an hour too

  • Hot & sour aubergines

    Hot & sour aubergines

    Skip the meat and try out a saucy vegetarian stir-fry with soy and vinegar sauce, fresh coriander and spicy chilli

  • Beef & orange stir-fry

    Beef & orange stir-fry

    A light and speedy Asian-inspired supper of lean rump steak with broccoli, peppers, chillies and a citrus soy sauce

  • Lighter Chinese chilli beef

    Lighter Chinese chilli beef

    Don’t reach for the takeaway menu, try this beef stir-fry recipe instead. It’s just as tasty as your favourite Chinese and healthier too.

  • Prawn chow mein

    Prawn chow mein

    This low-fat stir-fry recipe is packed with crunchy vegetables and tangy oyster sauce