• Chickpea panisse

    Chickpea panisse

    Rustle up this snack from France with just two ingredients – gram flour and olive oil. Serve them as you would chips (we like them dipped into mayo)

  • Air fryer fishcakes

    Air fryer fishcakes

    Dig out your air-fryer to make these moreish Thai-style fishcakes made with red curry paste. The breadcrumbs deliver extra crunch and prevent the fishcakes from sticking to the basket

  • Pesto cheese straw Christmas tree

    Pesto cheese straw Christmas tree

    Create this tear-and-share pastry tree for a festive family get-together. It’s a lovely, playful idea for Boxing Day – and kids will love taking it apart!

  • Plum & raspberry crumble bars

    Plum & raspberry crumble bars

    Take your favourite treat on the go by transforming crumble into this sliceable bake made with seasonal plums. The squares are lovely served warm

  • Air-fryer chicken nuggets

    Air-fryer chicken nuggets

    Make these chicken nuggets as a snack or side dish, best served with ketchup. Instead of baking, they’re cooked in an energy-efficient air-fryer

  • Coffee & pecan squares

    Coffee & pecan squares

    Rustle up this traybake with coffee and pecan flavours for a grown up sweet treat. Serve a square with a cuppa for afternoon tea or a mid-morning snack

  • Curried beef pasties

    Curried beef pasties

    These savoury beef pasties are spiced with hot curry paste for an extra kick. Serve with mixed vegetables to make a satisfying meal

  • Air fryer tofu (popcorn nuggets)

    Air fryer tofu (popcorn nuggets)

    Try cooking tofu in an air fryer. Coated in breadcrumbs flavoured with garlic and paprika, enjoy it as a snack with your favourite dip or to accompany a main meal

  • Courgette pakoras

    Courgette pakoras

    Make these moreish deep fried courgette pakoras as a vegan snack or starter. Gently spiced, enjoy with your favourite mango or tamarind chutney

    More effort
  • Scottish oatcakes

    Scottish oatcakes

    Forget shop-bought and make your own oatcakes. Perfect for serving with cheese or your favourite dips, they’re easy to make, with a just a few simple ingredients