• Tomato, courgette, cream & oregano pasta

    Tomato, courgette, cream & oregano pasta

    Claire Thomson has produced a week’s worth of easy dinners to help you and your family settle back into the school routine. This creamy courgette and tomato pasta is ready in half an hour, perfect for midweek

  • Bucatini with mushrooms & sausage

    Bucatini with mushrooms & sausage

    Pay homage to some of the delicious pasta dishes in Umbria, where mushrooms and sausages are king – this recipe highlights the power of dried porcini stock.

  • Halloumi pasta

    Halloumi pasta

    Add the punchy flavours of halloumi to pasta along with olives, courgette and tomato. Halloumi has more salt than cheddar, so a little goes a long way

  • Olive, cauliflower & harissa pasta

    Olive, cauliflower & harissa pasta

    Harissa adds colour and warmth to this vegan midweek pasta dish, with fried cauliflower, green olives and parsley. Add more harissa, if you like it spicy

  • Broad bean pasta

    Broad bean pasta

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Make the most of broad beans – at their peak in summer months – in this light pasta recipe. Peas work well too, though broad beans are just as sweet when peeled

  • Microwave macaroni cheese

    Microwave macaroni cheese

    Want a comforting macaroni cheese quickly, without too many pots and pans to wash up afterwards? Look to your microwave – and our three-cheese recipe…

  • Chicken sausage pasta

    Chicken sausage pasta

    Enjoy our chicken sausage pasta for a midweek meal – it’s tasty, quick and full of veg, and you can add carrots, sweetcorn or peas to bump the veg count up further, if you like

  • Creamy chicken pasta

    Creamy chicken pasta

    Try our crowd-pleasing creamy chicken pasta for your next family meal. It’s packed with flavour and is easy for anyone to make, including children

  • Cherry tomato & ricotta cavatappi

    Cherry tomato & ricotta cavatappi

    Enjoy this simple pasta bake that will be ready to eat in 35 minutes – it uses cavatappi pasta, plus sweet tinned cherry tomatoes and creamy ricotta