• Cheese & tomato pasta bakes

    Cheese & tomato pasta bakes

    This sort of family meal is well worth making in bulk so you can eat one now and freeze the rest for later

  • Easy pasta bake

    Easy pasta bake

    Easy to throw together vegetarian pasta bake – just layer together and bake

  • Bolognese bake

    Bolognese bake

    Give your Bolognese a new lease of life with penne pasta and crème fraîche

  • Courgette & orzo bake

    Courgette & orzo bake

    This rice-sized pasta is often used in soup but it works brilliantly in this great-value dish

  • Bacon, pea & basil macaroni

    Bacon, pea & basil macaroni

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    The perfect summer comfort food – classic macaroni cheese with extra veggies and herbs

  • Tofu & spinach cannelloni

    Tofu & spinach cannelloni

    Tasty tofu is a vegetarian's best friend and this cannelloni dish, packed with protein and iron, is sure to be a freezable favourite