• Pesto cheese straw Christmas tree

    Pesto cheese straw Christmas tree

    Create this tear-and-share pastry tree for a festive family get-together. It’s a lovely, playful idea for Boxing Day – and kids will love taking it apart!

  • Slow cooker spiced parsnip soup

    Slow cooker spiced parsnip soup

    Have some leftover parsnips from your Sunday roast? They’ll go down a treat in this vegan spiced curry soup. The recipe is made in a slow cooker

  • Chunky vegetable soup

    Chunky vegetable soup

    Make this vegetable soup for a healthy lunch. Cottage cheese is the secret ingredient in the gluten-free dumplings – a healthier option and adding in calcium

  • Miso steak with noodle salad

    Miso steak with noodle salad

    Looking for a quick, nutritious dish for busy days? Try our speedy, easy miso steak with a noodle and veg salad – it’s healthy, low in calories and tastes great

  • Mexican-style stuffed peppers

    Mexican-style stuffed peppers

    Stuff peppers with rice and black beans, then top with chilli cheese and fresh guacamole for an easy vegetarian family meal. If the kids don’t like spice, use a mild cheese instead

  • Butternut squash burgers

    Butternut squash burgers

    Cook these meat-free burgers on the barbecue or griddle pan. They’re easy to make and require very little prep work. A kick of chilli heightens the flavours

  • Vegetable pasta bake

    Vegetable pasta bake

    Get the maximum flavour out of all the veg in our pasta bake by pan-frying it first. You can also freeze this for up to three months to enjoy on busier days

  • Celery parmigiana

    Celery parmigiana

    Let celery shine in our flavourful veggie parmigiana. A veg box star, celery is a versatile vegetable and more than just a base for sauces and soups