• Banana milkshake

    Banana milkshake

    An easy fruit shake you can create up in minutes, with creamy vanilla ice cream, a pinch of cinnamon and a swizzle of whipped cream

  • Fire engine cake

    Fire engine cake

    Stun a crowd and get creative with this themed celebration cake – details include a chocolate ladder, icing water splash and toy firemen

    More effort
  • Hedgehog cake

    Hedgehog cake

    A celebration cake with a touch of woodland style, this chocolate cake is decorated with edible spikes, buttercream and chocolate details

  • Surprise piñata football cake

    Surprise piñata football cake

    Slice into this sensational mint chocolate celebration cake and let the hidden sweets pour out for your party guests to enjoy

  • Easy castle cake

    Easy castle cake

    A magical three-tiered sponge cake that's simple to make, but no one would ever guess…

  • Pretty princess cake

    Pretty princess cake

    Pull out all the stops with this sensational celebration cake, a princess doll enrobed in pretty pink and white icing – perfect for a special birthday party

  • Chocolate birthday cake

    Chocolate birthday cake

    We used colourful candles rather than artificial sweets to brighten up this tasty birthday cake

  • Frosted carrot squares

    Frosted carrot squares

    Get kids aged 8-14 busy in the kitchen this weekend, making this classic teatime treat