• Battenberg cake

    Battenberg cake

    Sarah Cook’s traditional Battenberg cake is a delicious project for an afternoon in the kitchen

  • Raspberry spice cake

    Raspberry spice cake

    A show-stopping layer cake of moist buttermilk sponge, jam, berries and cream cheese frosting – a real centrepiece

    More effort
  • Jubilee cake

    Jubilee cake

    A wonderful cake for special occasions

    More effort
  • Mary’s royal cherry trifle

    Mary’s royal cherry trifle

    Mary Berry whips up a creamy, fruity pudding studded with almond amaretti biscuits and smothered in kirsch and custard

  • Cherry Bakewell cake

    Cherry Bakewell cake

    If you know someone who likes Bakewell
    tart, then they will just
    love this cake – it’s full of almond flavour
    and sandwiched with cherry jam

  • Party vol-au-vents

    Party vol-au-vents

    Use our foolproof recipe for retro puff pastry cases then pack them high with savoury fillings for a party canapé

  • Queen of pudding cakes

    Queen of pudding cakes

    Super quick to prepare, these little meringue-topped cakes were made for sharing

  • Raspberry tiramisu

    Raspberry tiramisu

    Quick and simple to make, this tiramisu is perfect as an indulgent centerpiece

  • Diamond Jubilee chicken

    Diamond Jubilee chicken

    Update Coronation chicken with this salad of mild spices, apple, walnuts, yoghurt sauce and pomegranate