• Coronation prawns on toasted naan

    Coronation prawns on toasted naan

    Create a speedy supper that's big on flavour with curried king prawns and chickpeas served on garlic naan. You can make it in just 11 minutes so it's perfect for busy days

  • Spiced & sweet lassis

    Spiced & sweet lassis

    Lassi is a refreshing non-alcoholic Indian drink, ideal to serve with any Indian dinner menu

  • Creamy veggie korma

    Creamy veggie korma

    Creamy and healthy – a winning combination for this curry, which can be easily adapted to suit all the family if some want to add meat

  • Spiced paneer

    Spiced paneer

    Indian cheese paneer makes a great vegetarian dish as it holds its form – flavour with fenugreek and garam masala

  • Tandoori spiced sea bream

    Tandoori spiced sea bream

    Simple to prep but with pretty special results, this Indian-inspired menu from MasterChef winner Dhruv Baker makes a romantic meal for two

  • Chicken masala skewers

    Chicken masala skewers

    These skewers are great with a dollop of mango chutney or raita, and can also be cooked on the barbecue for hot summer days