• Creamy coconut & spinach dhal

    Creamy coconut & spinach dhal

    “This meal is a complete hug in a bowl. Substituting half of the rice for quinoa not only adds extra wholegrain goodness but also boosts the meal’s fibre and protein content. Alternatively, wholegrain brown rice serves as an excellent alternative. A squeeze of lemon juice is an excellent way to include vitamin C, aiding in the absorption of iron from the lentils and spinach.” — Dr Chintal Patel

  • Rotis (chapatis)

    Rotis (chapatis)

    Make a mainstay of many North Indian meals. Rotis – or chapatis – come in all sizes and thicknesses and are great served hot with butter or homemade ghee

    More effort
  • Creamy tofu curry with homemade roti

    Creamy tofu curry with homemade roti

    Make a deceptively rich and filling tofu curry that’s entirely vegan. The roti will take just 10 minutes to make while the curry simmers

  • Chicken vindaloo

    Chicken vindaloo

    Turn up the heat with this member recipe for homemade chicken vindaloo made with plenty of aromatic spices. Serve with warmed flatbreads for a simple, satisfying supper

  • Lime pickle

    Lime pickle

    Pair this tart, tangy and refreshing lime pickle with a simple meal of dhal and boiled rice. The recipe makes a 500g jar and will last for three months

  • Khichdi


    Enjoy this classic Indian dhal. Known for its Ayurvedic properties, our version is easy to prepare and full of flavour

    More effort
  • Chicken tikka pasties

    Chicken tikka pasties

    Make these moreish pasties for a picnic. They’re easy to pack up and take with you, and inspired by the flavours of a chicken tikka slice

  • Paneer & chickpea pulao

    Paneer & chickpea pulao

    Make pulao – a quick, simple rice dish – extra special by adding paneer and chickpeas

  • Fluffy pittas

    Fluffy pittas

    Try making these Grecian-style pittas which are fluffier than the ones you’ll find in most shops. Fill with barbecued chicken or pork, salad and tzatziki for a satisfying fakeaway kebab