• Red pepper hummus with crispbread snaps

    Red pepper hummus with crispbread snaps

    Naturally low in fat, this red pepper hummus also supplies vitamin C to help boost your defences. The crispbreads are protein and omega-3 rich, combining to make a healthy, nutritious snack 

  • Peanut hummus with fruit & veg sticks

    Peanut hummus with fruit & veg sticks

    This healthy, nutty dip, with tahini and smoked paprika, is perfect for spreading – eat with apple slices and vegetables for a quick lunch or snack

  • Creamy beetroot hummus

    Creamy beetroot hummus

    This delicious dip is ready in 10 minutes – pack along with vegetable sticks or pitta bread for a portable picnic snack

  • Tarator-style salmon

    Tarator-style salmon

    Salmon fillets are topped with walnuts, parsley, sumac onion and hummus in this Middle Eastern inspired fish dish

  • Pea hummus

    Pea hummus

    Use cannellini beans, garlic and tahini in this quick, easy and healthy dip – perfect packed in kids' lunch boxes with pitta bread and veggies

  • Stripy hummus salad jars

    Stripy hummus salad jars

    Colourful, tasty and packed with vitamins to boot, these layered salad jars are great to make with kids for a wholesome lunch or afternoon snack