• Fennel-roasted cauliflower with quinoa

    Fennel-roasted cauliflower with quinoa

    Pile this colourful vegetable quinoa salad onto a plate, top with roasted cauliflower and drizzle over the garlic yogurt for a healthy, gluten-free dinner

  • Skinny chicken Caesar salad

    Skinny chicken Caesar salad

    Makeover the typically heavy Caesar dressing by swapping mayonnaise for Greek yogurt – low in fat and calories, but still deliciously creamy

  • Kale & goat’s cheese frittata

    Kale & goat’s cheese frittata

    This filled omelette, with red onions, curly kale and goat’s cheese, is vegetarian, gluten-free and quick enough to make midweek

  • Broccoli and kale green soup

    Broccoli and kale green soup

    This super healthy soup combines broccoli and kale with ginger, coriander and turmeric for a nutrient dense and low-fat lunch

  • Super-green mackerel salad

    Super-green mackerel salad

    Green beans, spinach and broccoli make a great base for a healthy lunchbox treat with oily fish and yogurt dressing

  • Vietnamese prawn salad

    Vietnamese prawn salad

    Inspired by the Vietnamese dish, Bun xao, this fresh-tasting salad has very little fat but is so satisfying

  • Lentil, carrot & ham salad

    Lentil, carrot & ham salad

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only
    Use pulses as the base for your sweet mustard-dressed salad to create a healthy lunch that’s full of fibre and vitamin C