• Easy vegan chocolate cake

    Easy vegan chocolate cake

    This indulgent, fudgy vegan bake is topped with a rich frosting – you'd never guess that it's free from dairy, eggs, wheat and nuts

  • Chocolate & hazelnut celebration cake

    Chocolate & hazelnut celebration cake

    This hybrid brownie chocolate cake by John Whaite is a bold party bake. The toffee spikes transform it into a professional-standard dessert

    A challenge
  • Fudgy chocolate squares

    Fudgy chocolate squares

    These deeply chocolatey squidgy sponge squares are gluten-free – try served as a dessert with ice cream

  • Luscious lemon & raspberry sandwich

    Luscious lemon & raspberry sandwich

    Lemon curd yogurt gives this gluten-free sponge cake a lovely light texture. It’s filled with cream and berries and topped with a drizzle icing

  • Cherry blossom cake

    Cherry blossom cake

    A gluten-free light bake that uses polenta in place of flour and orange blossom to flavour a drizzle syrup

  • Gingered rich fruit cake

    Gingered rich fruit cake

    This traditional cake has been jazzed up with lots of ginger – you’d never know it’s gluten-free and dairy-free. Perfect for weddings and Christmas