• Peach tarte tatin

    Peach tarte tatin

    This pudding makes it look like you’ve spent a summer in France learning the arts of the pâtissier, but it’s simply shop-bought puff pastry and peaches

  • Genoise sponge

    Genoise sponge

    Learn how to achieve the perfect genoise sponge with a light, airy texture. Paul Hollywood’s stunning layer cake makes the most of summer berries and cream

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  • Summer fruits cheesecake board

    Summer fruits cheesecake board

    For a fun sharing dessert, impress your friends with our clever twist on the butter board. We’ve used summer fruits but try using any fruit that’s in season

  • Blackberry & hazelnut crumble flapjack

    Blackberry & hazelnut crumble flapjack

    Use any soft, seasonal fruit you have to make these flapjacks, such as blackberries, cherries or strawberries, and experiment with different nuts

  • Blackberry muffins

    Blackberry muffins

    Make a batch of blackberry muffins for a mid-morning treat. Use fresh or frozen blackberries, or go foraging to find some in the summer months

  • Herby warm cucumbers with lemon

    Herby warm cucumbers with lemon

    Did you know that warming up cucumbers enhances their fresh flavour? To finish, all this summer side dish needs is a sprinkling of fresh dill and parsley, plus lemon

  • Coconut ice cream

    Coconut ice cream

    Make a creamy and refreshing vegan coconut ice cream. It can be served in cones or bowls, and is great topped with even more coconut

  • Salmon & asparagus one-pot gratin

    Salmon & asparagus one-pot gratin

    Make the most of asparagus in season in early British summertime with this delicious creamy salmon and asparagus one-pot topped with crunchy breadcrumbs

  • Fresh salmon niçoise

    Fresh salmon niçoise

    On a balmy summer evening, a warm salad is satisfying yet light. Traditionally, niçoise is made with canned tuna, but the omega-3 fatty acids in the fish don’t make it through the canning process, so we’ve used wild salmon instead

  • Summer veg tostadas

    Summer veg tostadas

    Whip up these colourful veggie tostadas in just 30 minutes. Packed with summer veg, they make a flavourful, healthy and low-calorie midweek meal