• Air-fryer lemon drizzle cake

    Air-fryer lemon drizzle cake

    Ever tried your air-fryer for baking? While it’s not ideal for perfectly even cakes, it’s great for a fuss-free loaf cake, like this lemon drizzle

  • Katsu curry

    Katsu curry

    Make our easy katsu curry with options to adapt the recipe for vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free diets. You’ll need chicken or tofu depending on your preference

  • Sea bass with cauliflower mash & parsley sauce

    Sea bass with cauliflower mash & parsley sauce

    “An elegant and effortlessly prepared meal, perfect for a Saturday night in or a special date night. Cauliflower offers a wonderfully creamy alternative to potatoes in the mash, and by incorporating carrots, you’ve already checked off two of your five-a-day and added diversity to the dish. No need to peel your carrots – a thorough scrub helps retain the fibre content. Feel free to substitute the broccoli with any seasonal vegetables of your choice, too.” — Dr Chintal Patel

  • Black bean & tortilla soup

    Black bean & tortilla soup

    Make the most of any tins of black beans in your cupboards and make this easy and satisfying soup. Serve with coriander, avocado, feta and pumpkin seeds

  • Quick pickled red cabbage

    Quick pickled red cabbage

    Make this speedy pickled red cabbage as a side or condiment – it’s the perfect foil to Christmas leftovers in our Boxing Day sandwich

  • Pesto cheese straw Christmas tree

    Pesto cheese straw Christmas tree

    Create this tear-and-share pastry tree for a festive family get-together. It’s a lovely, playful idea for Boxing Day – and kids will love taking it apart!

  • Halloumi & chipotle loaf

    Halloumi & chipotle loaf

    Enjoy a loaf filled with delicious textures and kicking flavours, with creamy halloumi and the heat of smoky, sweet chipotle. Enjoy with lashings of butter

  • Pear, pecan & caramel crumble

    Pear, pecan & caramel crumble

    Make the most of pears at the end of summer and transform them into a glorious crumble, alongside pecans and caramel. Enjoy warm with custard