• Coffee cream & walnut cupcakes

    Coffee cream & walnut cupcakes

    Retro favourite coffee and walnut cake in a cupcake version, with a choice of luxurious mascarpone topping or classic buttercream

  • Cherry Bakewell cake

    Cherry Bakewell cake

    If you know someone who likes Bakewell
    tart, then they will just
    love this cake – it’s full of almond flavour
    and sandwiched with cherry jam

  • Coconut carrot slices

    Coconut carrot slices

    If you’re looking for a treat for afternoon
    tea, or something to make for a cake sale, try this crunchy-topped traybake

  • Easy chocolate cupcakes

    Easy chocolate cupcakes

    These light cakes are perfect for freezing – they just need a quick blast in the microwave to bring them back to life

  • Summer fruit drizzle cake

    Summer fruit drizzle cake

    Sarah Cook’s scrummy cake is really easy and versatile – use whatever fruit you like, and you’ll make it again and again

  • Chocolate marble cake

    Chocolate marble cake

    Marble cake is a classic childhood cooking memory. Whether using lurid colours for a psychedelic finish, or just chocolate and vanilla, it's a teatime treat

  • Double chocolate loaf cake

    Double chocolate loaf cake

    Chocolate and cake are two of our favourite things, so what’s not to love about this indulgent cake?