• Chocolate truffle egg box

    Chocolate truffle egg box

    Pop rich chocolate sweets rolled in nuts and cocoa in an empty egg box for an extra-special finish

  • Choc-egg lollies

    Choc-egg lollies

    Young and old will love these glitzy egg-shaped lollipops made from chocolate sponge cake

  • Crackin’ cress heads

    Crackin’ cress heads

    Children will love these eggshells with living cress ‘hair’, a great table decoration for Sunday lunch

  • Simple chocolate button egg

    Simple chocolate button egg

    Make your own Easter eggs. It’s much easier than you’d think and you can add personal touch.

    More effort
  • Shredded Wheat nests

    Shredded Wheat nests

    A spin on traditional chocolate cornflake cakes, this version uses extra-fine strands of wheat for great texture

  • Chocolate Krispie chick

    Chocolate Krispie chick

    A crispy treat specially for Easter that kids will love to make during the school holidays

  • Easter biscuit lollies

    Easter biscuit lollies

    Make these cookies as gifts for friends, or use them as place names on a celebration dinner table

  • Mini chocolate cheesecakes

    Mini chocolate cheesecakes

    Kids will love making these little chocolate cupcakes, with a crunchy biscuit base and Easter egg topping

  • Crispy chocolate fridge cake

    Crispy chocolate fridge cake

    Packed with biscuits, sultanas, puffed rice and lots of chocolate, these refrigerator bars are ideal for a kids’ party