• White chocolate truffles

    White chocolate truffles

    Make these chocolates to give as gifts or for a fun weekend project. Split the ganache into a few bowls and add a couple of different flavourings, if you like

  • Next level chocolate fondant

    Next level chocolate fondant

    Wow dinner guests with our ultimate chocolate fondant. Its molten middle is the stuff of dessert dreams – and we’ve added in caramel and coffee flavours too

  • Floating islands

    Floating islands

    Whip up some floating islands at your next dinner party, the retro-cool French dessert featuring crème anglaise, meringue and caramel

    More effort
  • Dark chocolate pudding with malted cream

    Dark chocolate pudding with malted cream

    This chocolate pudding is the perfect balance of richness and textures. It’s easy, yet impressive and you can even make it ahead before your guests arrive

  • Bay leaf creams

    Bay leaf creams

    Add the slightly sweet, slightly spicy bay-leaf flavour to elevate this simple custard to an elegant, innovative dessert. Make the bay leaf creams at least the day before you want to eat them, to allow the flavour to infuse

  • Taiwanese bah-tzang dumplings

    Taiwanese bah-tzang dumplings

    Contains pork – recipe is for non-Muslims only

    Try these traditional Taiwanese dumplings – bah-tzang. Wrapped in aromatic bamboo leaves, they come with a delicious pork, shrimp and mushroom filling

    More effort
  • Oysters with apple & horseradish dressing

    Oysters with apple & horseradish dressing

    Drizzle apple and horseradish dressing over oysters for a sophisticated seafood starter to share. Serve on a bed of ice or rock salt with sprigs of dill

    More effort
  • Oyster pomelo with crème fraîche

    Oyster pomelo with crème fraîche

    Milder and sweeter than grapefuit, pomelo is a citrus fruit that pairs beautifully with rock oysters in this stylish dinner party starter or canapé

    More effort