• Tropical breakfast bars

    Tropical breakfast barsNew Recipes

    Wrap up these tropical breakfast bars and pack up for an on-the-go fruity breakfast that will help to fill you up. Make them with just five ingredients, plus oil from your storecupboard 

  • Apricot & seed overnight chia

    Apricot & seed overnight chia

    Kick-start your day with a breakfast of apricots, chia seeds, mixed seeds and blueberries. Soak the chia overnight and it will be ready to go in the morning

  • Cloud eggs

    Cloud eggs

    Try these light-as-air eggs for breakfast, with scrambled 'cloud' egg whites, spring onions and chives surrounding a baked egg yolk. Serve on toast 

  • Poppy seed buckwheat porridge

    Poppy seed buckwheat porridge

    Swap regular oats for buckwheat to make your morning porridge. Buckwheat is a versatile, gluten-free, grain-like seed with a lovely, nutty flavour that adds plenty of taste to breakfast

  • Carrot cake granola

    Carrot cake granola

    Combine mixed spice, grated carrot, sultanas, walnuts and oats for a granola that's reminiscent of our favourite bake – use it to top yogurt or a real carrot cake! 

  • Banoffee pecan granola

    Banoffee pecan granola

    Combine banana chips, dulce de leche and dark chocolate chips with oats and pecans for a scrumptious granola that's as good on yogurt as it is on ice cream

  • Fruit & nut granola

    Fruit & nut granola

    Make your own granola and serve with your choice of milk, or as a topping for porridge or yogurt. Adapt the recipe to include your favourite fruit and nuts

  • Blueberry & lemon croissant bake

    Blueberry & lemon croissant bake

    Croissants, custard, lemon curd and blueberries combine to make this irresistible yet easy bake that's perfect for dessert or brunch with friends

  • Mushroom brioche soldiers

    Mushroom brioche soldiers

    Transform breakfast classic egg and soldiers with lashings of mushroom pâté and a sprinkling of tarragon on strips of brioche – the perfect partner to a runny yolk